ATD (Automatic Thread Delivery)

Automatic Thread Delivery System (ATD)


All other brands of overlockers rely on a tension system to give you a perfect stitch. If you’ve ever used an overlocker you will know that tension adjustment is a nightmare. A complex ritual of dial adjustments is required to create a balanced stitch, and this needs to be performed every time you change fabric or thread. What a waste of time!


Baby Lock overlockers take the tension out of sewing. The Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD) system delivers a length of thread to form a balanced stitch, instead of putting tension on the thread. You simply select A, B, C or D depending on the stitch desired. No more Overlocking tensions.


Tension adjustments have long been a major obstacle for many domestic overlocker users. All overlockers (with the exception of Baby Lock’s range of machines with ATD) create stitches by pulling thread through several tension discs. These discs need to be individually adjusted in order to form a balanced stitch. Further adjustments are required with each change in fabric, thread or stitch type.


Baby Lock introduced the Automatic Thread Delivery System in 1996. It was invented by Mr. Sakuma who once again worked his magic, keeping Baby Lock at the forefront of the domestic overlocker market. The Automatic Thread Delivery System eliminates tensions. This system creates stitches by selecting and delivering the exact amount of thread required to form a balanced stitch.


The Automatic Thread Delivery System, in conjunction with 3 cable sensors, delivers a balanced stitch on any fabric and with any type of thread. Changes can be made to fabric type without skipping stitches. 


The Automatic Thread Delivery System lays the thread on the fabric as each stitch is formed. The fabric is not responsible for pulling the threads through the tension discs as on other overlockers. There is no stress on the fabric, allowing it to flow under the foot without being stretched or damaged. 


The Automatic Thread Delivery System allows you to sew from delicate tissue or silk chiffon through to lycra and layers of denim or fleecy without having to make any adjustments in the machine settings.